CNN Films: Steve Jobs, The Man in the Machine

Titles, main titles and GFX for the film Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine. Created at Union Editorial for Jigsaw Productions with Junsik Na.

Main Title Sequence

The Man in the Machine

This main title sequence embraces the archival footage’s retro quality and composites credits on-screen with a low-fi touch. We used Apple’s classic Chicago font for the credits. Originally the key-art accompanying the main title was as low-fi and vintage as the rest of the sequence. It evolved into something a bit less heavy-handed to preserve the photo-quality.

Client: Killer Films Media
Director: Alex Gibney
Production Company: Jigsaw Productions
Artists: Junsik Na, Jun Lee

“Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” Main Title Sequence

Interior Graphics

Titles, Archival, Graphic Storytelling

We designed and animated all the titles, transitions, and archival recreations in the film. Additionally, a few storytelling sequences accompanied critical moments in the film not covered by archival.