Covergirl: 2013-2017

From 2013 to 2017, we worked on 30+ Covergirl spots with Editors Eric Argiro & Laura Milstein at Union Editorial. These were all fun spots–with a bright candy-coated veneer that was often applied in Post over simple white-cyc photography. Celebrities featured in these campaigns include Zendaya, Katy Perry, Janelle Monae, Pink, Sofia Vergara & Ellen Degeneres. Here are a select few spots from that era.

Agency: Grey
Editors: Eric Argiro & Laura Milstein
Studio: Union Editorial
Artists: Eric Dalimarta, Jun Lee, Adam Stockett, & Junsik Na,

Covergirl “Zendaya Fibers” (Directors Cut)

Covergirl “Katy Perry Plumpify”

Covergirl “Zendaya Clean”

Covergirl “So Lashy”

Covergirl “So Lashy Time Square Event”

Covergirl “Zendaya Grammys 2016”

Covergirl “Zendaya Fibers Introduction”

Covergirl “Katy Perry Bloom”

Covergirl “Katy Perry Fairytale”

Covergirl “Katy Perry Bombshell”

Covergirl “Katy Perry Instaglam”