Netflix: Cooked

Design and animation for Cooked on Netflix. Created at Union Editorial for Jigsaw Productions with Jun Lee, Junsik Na, Garret Walter, Adam Stockett and Kamaur Bonfield. Title sequence was edited by Andrew Doga.

Main Title Sequence


This main title sequence ends on a different title card for each of the four episodes: Fire, Water, Air, & Earth–accompanied by an animated transition into the episode.

Client: Netflix
Production Company: Jigsaw Productions
Studio: Union Editorial
Editor: Andrew Doga

“Cooked” Main Title Sequence for the “Fire” Episode

“Cooked” Main Title Sequence for the “Water” Episode

Interior Graphics

Cheese Mold

This 3D animated sequence illustrates mold growing on cheese.

“Cooked” Cheese Animation

Interior Graphics

Yeast Animation

Additional to 3D animation sequences, we also created 2D animations for specific storytelling moments. This “Yeast” animation is a good example of the style we used for these sequences.

“Cooked” Yeast Animation

Interior Graphics

Skull Animation

This animation show a gorilla skull morphing in to a human skull then transitions into a more descriptive illustrated world.

“Cooked” Skull Animation