Netflix & Fusion TV: Who Killed Malcolm X (Exploratory)

Pitch frames for a Netflix series investigating the assassination of Malcolm X. Created at Union Editorial with Jun Lee.

Pitch Frames

Neftlix: Who Killed Malcolm X

Exploring different visuals for the Malcom X documentary series, the following ideas often reference two themes – both of which fall into the larger meta-theme of surveillance.

The first reoccurring theme is the surveillance of investigation. The idea here is that an investigation (whether journalistic or criminal) is a story discovered through the tedious aggregation of data and research. Background imagery in this treatment is often built entirely out of archival documents and newspaper articles – stacked and layered together to form a larger picture. Documents are rarely living alone on screen and are often collaged together to form a stylized table-top spread to communicate that these documents are evidence in our

The second reoccurring theme is all doors and corners — seeing past obstruction. We are creating a sense of voyeurism in graphics sequences by discovering content through the mortised shape of type. Our content is often initially obscured by this mortise, then revealed. We use our type-mortise to engage the audience to peek through a keyhole or around a corner to discover content – creating the theme of surveillance invoked through the gum-shoe process of discovery. By initially obscuring content, we are heightening the impact
of reveal.

Client: Netflix
Production Company: Ark media
Directors: Rachel Dretzin & Phil Bertelsen
Artist: Jun Lee
Studio: Union Editorial