HBO & Ark Media: Seen & Heard (Exploratory)

Pitch frames for an HBO mini-series including the main title sequence and initial exploratory for various other show elements. Created at Union Editorial.

Mixed Media Collage

HBO’s Seen & Heard — Main Title Seqence

Created for HBO’s upcoming miniseries “Seen & Heard”–starring Issa Rae and featuring stories about black television creators and on-screen personalities in America’s recent and past histories–these frames represent a main title sequence idea focusing on familiar faces from all of our favorite black-led TV shows. Conceptually, we wanted to design a main title sequence that celebrated the broader cultural impact of black television. We sought to showcase the stories and characters who helped define an era, even beyond the physical scan lines of television.

Here we navigate through a series of table-top style collages, assembled from mixed-media sources. Our nostalgic approach uses magazine articles, still frames from shows, press-releases, vintage TV guides, and relevant print articles from the times. The collages have a hand-crafted and real-world feel, further emphasized by the lighting, depth-of-field, and motion of our 3D camera. Every image appears to be roughly cut out with scissors and assembled by hand.

At times, we frame the shots wide but then get in close to the imagery to focus on a particular person. We include some television clips between our vignettes to help punctuate individual moments and break up the overall approach. We anticipate that any live-action moments will be short and plan to use them as filler and transitions.

Client: Ark Media
Director: Phil Bertelsen
Network: HBO
Studio: Union Editorial

Interior Animations

Storytelling Vignettes

In addition to the main title sequence exploratory, our pitch also looks at animated vignettes that occur through-out the mini-series. There is a lack of archival media to cover many of the stories told in the series, so these frames cover different ways to illustrate stories that will need manufactured visuals.



Here we explore different fonts for dates and interior titles in the series.