Xeljanz 2016-2020

From 2016-2020 we worked with Editor Sloane Klevin on numerous Xeljanz commercial campaigns. Created at Union Editorial with Junsik Na, Sean Vickery, Eric Dalimarta, and Kamaur Bonfield.

Client: Pfizer
Agency: Y&R NY
Studio: Union Editorial
Artists: Junsik Na, Sean Vickery, Eric Dalimarta
Editor: Sloane Klevin

Xeljanz: 2020

For the 2020 campaign, footage from previous campaigns needed to be updated with a different pill. We created the new pill in CG and composited it back into the frame.

Xeljanz “Sewing”

Xeljanz “Office”

Xeljanz: 2016-2019

X-ray animation and title design for a Xeljanz TVC campaign. Additionally, we created CG snow for “Pine Tree” and added boulders to the rock formation at the end of “Day Out.”

Xeljanz “Pine Tree”

Xeljanz “Day Out”

Xeljanz “Birthday”

Xeljanz “Zoo”